So you really want to know about me, huh? Ok, prepare to be bored to tears!

First off, you're probably wondering about "The eternal teen." bit. Well, I was only 19 when I first started this website. I'm no longer a teen, but because I started it with the teen niche (and, because I still look very young), I decided to keep the teen title as long as I can get away with it! No, I'm not a teen...but a lot of the photos you see on the site are me as a teen. with it!

I live in a small town near Central Louisiana. I have always been a free spirit and since as long as I can remember everyone always called me a slut. Obviously, through high school, that wasn't necessarily a good thing. At the time, I did not embrace that term. Although I love sex and have no shame about all the guys I sleep with, it wasn't until I met Oasis that I realized that being a slut can be a very good term! I met Oasis when she lived, briefly, in Louisiana. A friend told me about her website and I checked it out and it really got me worked up. Finally, a person who felt the way I did and did the things I was doing and was completely honest and open about it! I made it a point to get an introduction and then made sure I got invited to any parties she was hosting! It wasn't long before this website was born!

Unfortunately I don't have a very good computer or a very fast connection to the web. Also, since Oasis left Louisiana I have a hard time finding people who are willing to be in photos and to take photos of me. Most of the guys around here are very possessive and having their girlfriend do a website is not very popular. But I still try to get my site updated as often as I can.

To help with the lack of activity, I have also united with Team Teens. It's a group of us that decided that our sites would be better if we all joined forces and combined all of our photos & video. When you join my site, you also join the rest of theirs.

And, as if that weren't enough, as a group, Team Teens decided to join into Oasis' PornPass. Now, you don't only get access to my photos, and Team Teens, but also every site included in the PornPass, which is Oasis' full site, Kinky Kacey, Girls of Havasu, Real Orgy Parties and just tons of photos and videos.

See, I told you you'd be bored to tears! If you'd like to email me personally, you can reach me at cj at!